Sunday, 23 August 2015

WaveIO cost updates

Lucian and I have been exchanging emails and we've managed to work something out:
  From what I understand so far, you need only the isolated I2S port thus
the parts from SPDIF and non-isolated outputs will be removed. Given
this, the price for one board became 94.6 Euro.

  As for discounts, first I would like to tell you that, in order to have
an affordable price for this board while offering the best audio quality
at the moment of designing (which is reflected in good layout and best
components for this board) I'm acquiring parts for quantities of 250
WaveIOs at a time. Anyway, there are some margins that can be bend so we
all can have financial benefits and here they are:

  For orders of 20+ boards: the discount is 3% per board. This means that
for an order of 20 boards, you'll pay 91.762 Euro per board.
  For orders of 50+ boards: the discount is 6% per board. In this case,
for an order of 50 pcs. the price for one board becomes 88.924 Euro.

  In case of 100+ orders: the discount is 9% per board. Here one board
have a price of 86.086 Euro.

  I hope my mathematics are okay at this hour :-)
  Anyway, to put it simple, on orders of 50+ you'll pay for maximum 47
WaveIOs and get minimum three WaveIOs for free. At orders starting with
100 pcs. you'll pay for maximum 91 boards while get minimum 9 for free.

  In addition, for ALL orders over 20 pcs. you have the chance to have
your own customized drivers meaning that you can change the "WaveIO"
name on Windows installation and firmware and put the name of your DAC
there, for example! In addition, the image used at instalation process
can be changed with your own one: changed from Luckit/WaveIO to the name
of your DAC.
It would be awesome to sell 20 of the Soekrates DACs and have it be called Soekrates when it's recognized by the computer!

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