Saturday, 15 August 2015


Guys, I need your help for both a company name and the name of the Soekris DAC! So far I have:

  • Crescendo Audio Technology
  • Thunk Audio
  • Bucket Audio
For my brand and...the Grumple...for the name of the DAC, which granted is hilarious but is also absolutely ridiculous! I would appreciate some help to think of some names!


  1. The Grumple is a hilarious name. For the dac maybe something with Soekris in the name so people know what it's based on?
    for a company, just some random names
    Tritone Audio
    Digital Perfektion (need to spell it weird so you can get the domain and trademark just like a startup company)
    All Dacs Sound The Same Inc(joke)
    Bucket Designs
    Kick the Bucket Audio
    Bucket List Audio
    Bucket Physiks gmbh
    Tardis Audio(it sounds bigger on the inside)

    1. I love Tardis Audio the most but the copyrights will rip us a new one. Thanks for your suggestion anyways!

  2. Soekrates - a philosphy in Digitla Analog Conversion (Soekris blended with Socrates)

  3. Soekrates for the actual DAC name