Monday, 17 August 2015

Transformer and $200 ($300) amplifier update

Because of the requirement to power two Soekris boards instead of one, I need a new spec for the R-core transformers and can no longer buy off taobao or ebay. Its now $65 per transformer from what I can tell (ouch) when custom-made to be:

30VA Transformer: 30/(12.5VAC + 12.5VAC + 12.5VAC + 12.5VAC + 4.5VAC) = 30W/54.5VAC = 0.55A per channel.

I then plan to use the five rails in this fashion:

+/- 12V bipolar supply (left mono channel):
  • 12.5VAC to +12VDC Left Channel
  • 12.5VAC to -12VDC Left Channel
+/- 12V bipolar supply (right mono channel):
  • 12.5VAC to +12VDC Right Channel
  • 12.5VAC to -12VDC Right Channel
3.3V digital supply:
  • 4.5VAC to 3.3VDC isolated I2S rails, toslink module

Also, the amp's price will increase by $100 but this will give me the perfect excuse to call it the Spartan. Perfect!

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