Thursday, 27 August 2015

Back to single small chassis for the Soekrates

I'm excited! I found this thing while browsing the web the other day.
It's called 'The Wire LT3042 Parallel Reg PSU' and is, fittingly, a LT3042-based power supply with two rails per board. The thing is, it's sized at 74mm x 26mm for a DUAL RAIL! That means I need only two for the Soekrates if I parallel the bipolar supply into each DAM board and this allows me to use only one transformer and therefore shrink the size of the Soekrates to a very manageable size.

Perfect - now it's stackable territory with the Liquid Carbon!
To celebrate this, I've made a new page with all the revisions of the Soekrates to show you guys the full journey I've made up to this point as this will probably be one of the last major revisions of the Soekrates. I also refined the schematic for the input paralleling of the backplane board and came up with this.
Pink is coax in, green is toslink in, yellow is I2S (WaveIO) in and blue is power. I'm slowly getting closer to the final design!

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  1. This is reallllly awesome Walter. Very excited and enthused about this!