Wednesday, 26 August 2015

DAC updates (this is revision 11!!)

I've just realized that the number of times I've updated the DAC design so far is quite daunting. I've again reverted it to the dual chassis design due to not liking the large form factor of the single chassis design.
It was literally impossible to stuff everything into two 5" by 7" enclosures - there's just too much to try and squish! - so I had to enlarge each enclosure from the beginning spec somewhat.
However, I've managed to cling to the old spec by making the Liquid Carbon somewhat fit onto the top between the wood panels.
Obviously, this means that the power and DAC sections have to be split. This is what the two sections look like. It's a very tight fit! I had to remove the 1" by 1" toslink board to let you guys see the coax in plug too.
I decided to use the Hirose 10-pin connector to allow me to pass DC power through the two enclosures. It's durable and can handle up to 5A which is more than the DAC section will draw at all times.

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