Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Soekrates initial test update

Finally got a chance to test most of the electronics involved with the Soekrates build.

The DAM1021 was already updated to firmware version 0.99 so all I have to do now is wait for the Wire LT3042 PSUs and the WaveIO to arrive before I can get music coming from the DAM1021.

I got a nifty USB to RS232 adapter cable with no plug so I could simply connect them to J10 without having to fool around with the plug. I'll probably use something along the lines of this along with a small connector on the back panel of the Soekrates to allow for firmware updates without having to open up the Soekrates enclosure. I did have to install drivers but I can easily put a guide up for anyone who buys the Soekrates.


  1. exciting development Walter! SO eager to hear how the dam1021 actually SOUNDS!! Any idea when the other items are due to arrive?

  2. Hi! Excellent project you have here! Have you tried to use a RPi to send audio to the 1021? How does the clock cope with different frequencies? Thank you!