Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Small project update and wooden headphones side project

As the Soekrates boards are still stuck in America, I finally caved in and burned roughly $500 to import some DAM1021-2 boards from the Soekris EU distributor. While I wait for them, the transformers and the LT3042-based power supplies to arrive, I'll show you a little something special: another little glimpse of a side project I've been working on.

These are wooden headphones based around a very special headphone driver (which I shall not mention in order to avoid driving up prices). Down below, you can see the basic plans. Wooden cups reinforced with a metal ring around the outside with metal gimbals connected to each other with a single metal wire. Shouldn't weigh too much and it should sound good too.
 I etched the outline of both cups using a compass on a nice block of Sapele wood (a single one pictured here). 100mm diameter for now that I can easily work with later.
This is called a circular lathe. I had to learn to use this machine and once I got the hang of it, I used this to turn the wooden cups, or work at them until they meet the specifications I want. The raw wooden block is secured between the two points you see in the picture and as the name suggests, they are turned around. I can then cut away at the wood using various tools to achieve a final product.
This is what I made yesterday. As you can see, there's a crack in the right cup, so I had to redo that today (not pictured unfortunately). I plan to drill out the inside tomorrow and finish and prepare it for fitting once I'm done with that. After that, I can get started on the headband which will be another type of challenge I'll have to overcome.
More to come as I work on this project.

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