Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Graveyard post

Hi, guys! So, I did end up disappearing for the past few months and I'm sorry for that; the school workload had become a little too much to handle so I had to take some time off this project to make sure everything was all caught up. I do have an announcement to make.

This project is still happening!

However, I won't put any ETAs this time because I can't promise anything, what with having to balance this and my education. I'll start a trickle feed of updates again, but they probably won't appear as often as before so please bear with me. I do have a couple worth mentioning so here goes.

Firstly, the DAM 1121 OEM module was announced. As far as I know, this is a somewhat cut-down version of the DAM 1021 and is slightly smaller as a result. This will probably end up being the board I use instead of the DAM 1021 as it means I don't need to bother with a 12V bipolar supply and I can instead use 5V/3.3V all the way through.

Secondly, I sent my WaveIO module back to Lucian for diagnosis, as nothing was working. I'm hoping it works, but I have a backup Amanero board ready to substitute in if all else fails.

That's it for now. For those people still with me, thank you for your patience!

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